Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment – Eliminate Odors, Rapidly Reduces Sludge

Our revolutionary technology is:

Solving the worst odor problems – Wastewater Treatment odors can result in increased operating costs, fines, and even shutdowns. BIOLOGIC™ SR2 along with an engineering based approach will ensure your organization operates odor free and without any of the problems that arise when it comes to odors.

Lowering energy costs – BIOLOGIC™ SR2 works anaerobically, diminishing the requirement for aeration and therefore reducing the energy needed and the carbon footprint produced.

Reducing sludge volumes – our technology accelerates the beneficial bacteria causing it to aggressively and naturally breakdown fats, oils, greases and other biological elements of sludge.  This reduces dredging, transfer and landfill costs significantly.

Improving water treatment performance – the aggressive and natural impact of BIOLOGIC™ SR2 decreases the strain on facilities by dramatically reducing the bio solids.  Wastewater Treatment plants are now able to increase their capacity and lifespan without any infrastructure changes and with minimal adjustment

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The SciCorp technology is utilized in wastewater treatment on a global level in both the private and public sectors across these channels:Biologic Family

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Biogas Digesters
  • Textile Plants
  • Transfer Stations and Landfills
  • Lagoons and Oxidation Ditches
  • Pulp and Paper Facilities
  • Lakes, Ponds and Rivers
  • Aquaculture (fish farms)
  • Agriculture (hog manure, poultry farming)
  • Composting Facilities
wastewater treatment


Rural wastewater facilities are at the greatest risk as they struggle to find the financial resources to improve, let alone maintain an infrastructure that works.  This puts the rural residents and industry in peril and as stated by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, ” Coping with the growing needs of water and sanitation services within cities is one of the most pressing issues of this century. Sustainable, efficient and equitable management of water in cities has never been as important as in today’s world.”

SciCorp International Inc.  has been working with rural wastewater treatment facilities for over 30 years and has engineered solutions that eliminate the need for infrastructure upgrades, improves operations and reduces costs.

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Municipal Water


As urban centers continue to grow, municipalities are under greater pressure to serve more residents.  As a result water treatment facilities are straining to keep up.  Operators must identify processes and applications that will speed up water treatment while reducing costs.

SciCorp International Inc. has been helping municipalities around the world solve these pressing issues.  BIOLOGIC® SR2 is a natural booster that has been proven through independent laboratories and environmental organizations to speed up digestion by over 25%, increase flow, eliminate odors and reduce costs.

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Industrial Wastewater Treatment


Many industries are dependent on processes that produce wastewater.  Attempts have been made to minimize the discharge of wastewater, however most cannot.  As a result, a company can pay millions of  dollars in fees to municipalities for their water discharge.

SciCorp International Inc. helps reduce those fees substantially while improving water effluent, protecting the environment and reducing the strain on municipal systems.

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