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eliminate odors, reduce pump outs, sewage backups & pooling

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septic systems do fail, and, they are expensive to repair.

A 120ml "One-Shot" of BIOLOGIC™ Septic Added To Your Toilet Once A Month Will:

ELIMINATE ODORS: Biologic Septic is made up of a proprietary blend of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids which stimulate the healthy bacteria in your septic and increase their activity and population levels to optimize your septic system.

REDUCE PUMP OUTS: By following the directions you may never have to pump-out your septic tank or replace your drainfield ever again.

SIMPLE USE: Biologic Septic stimulates the bacteria and system operating levels to the point of increased sludge decomposition which allows for your septic system to operate at its maximum capacity.

SLUDGE REDUCTION: Simply pour the contents of one bottle down the toilet to eliminate solids build up in septic tank and drainfield.  Restoring original system capacity and performance.

SciCorp Septic Bottles

Saving time and money!

Avoid catastrophic breakdowns that could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Reduce pump-outs and operate worry-free.

septic pump-outs

reduce pump-outs

Significantly reduce the amount of times you will ever need to pump-out your septic tank.  What's more, by following the directions, you may never need to pump it out ever again!

reduce septic odors

eliminate odors fast

Eliminate the odors caused by sludge, fats, greases, and waste build-up that is commonly related to slow or failing septic systems.

SciCorp Septic is eco-friendly certified

Eco-Friendly certified

Our product is all-natural, chemical-free, and certified by North America's most respected environmental standard and certification mark.

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What our customers are saying

Best Product!!!

"I had problems with odors and sludge building up in my system and was getting it pumped every 2 years. I started using Biologic mostly for the septic odor but it turns out it prolonged pump out periods. I now get it pumped every 7 - 10 years and haven’t had odor since"

Amazon Customer

Works Amazing

"Never had an issue with my system since I started using it on a regular basis. Very  easy to use.  Highly Recommended!!"

Amazon Customer

Easy To Use!

"I am using this for my septic system. It was recommended to me from my uncle. It is as easy as dumping in one small bottle every month. Very easy to use."

Amazon Customer


"I I use this on our boat to eliminate odors from all 3 of our heads. (electric flush w/onboard storage waste tanks) Works far better than any marine product I have found at West Marine or online outlets. One little bottle each time we pump out. No measuring, no mess, and it's SAFE for the environment and sea life. I use this SAME product for my septic system in our land-based residence too. I've never found anything better!"

Amazon Customer

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