Agriculture Applications 

Successful Results Featuring BIOLOGICTM SR2

Chatham-Kent Hog Farm

Chatham-Kent Hog Farm

Chatham-Kent operators implemented a 12-week trial resulting in an 89% REDUCTION of ammonia levels and a dramatic reduction in H2S odors. These significant reduction levels had a direct positive impact on the overall operation, livestock, and employees.

Dairy Operations

University of Alberta

The treatment program evaluated the data before and after the use of BIOLOGIC™ SR2 over a period of 124 days. Results showed a significant improvement in indoor air H2S concentrations and also in the number of pump-outs required for the 9000 gallon tanks.

Hog Manure Treatment

City of Steinbach

Six weeks following application of the product, the primary cell was emptied and the bottom layer of “cemented” sludge was found to have broken up. An additional 250,000 gallons of pumpable sludge was found to be recoverable compared to the previous pump-outs.