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Lactalis Parmalat case study

Lactalis Canada Inc., (formally Parmalat Canada Inc.) is a dairy processing company with administrative offices in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary, 17 processing facilities. The Parmalat Winchester wastewater treatment plant has an average flow of 2,100 m3/day of raw wastewater which is treated by the activated sludge extended aeration wastewater treatment facility.


Parmalat Winchester wastewater treatment facility was faced with increasing operational upsets, odor issues, and sludge management challenges.

  • A significant number of odor complaints were being received from offsite neighbors of the facility
  • Odor mitigation methods such as the addition of lime and calcium sulphate were proving to be inadequate and were negatively impacting biological treatment
  • Increased dairy product production was resulting in high organic loads leading to WWTP overload and plant upsets

SciCorp Treatment Plan and Execution

SciCorp engineers partnered with Parmalat plant operators to evaluate their system data, set measurable benchmarks, and develop a treatment approach that involved the following:

  • Implementation of continuous dose of BIOLOGIC™ SR2 to influent organic load set to daily flow rate
  • Annual spring application of shock dose of BIOLOGIC™ SR2 for sludge storage cells to eliminate odors


Shortly after implementing treatment, Parmalat engineers reported a very significant reduction in odor complaints caused by the sludge storage cells and the return activated sludge.

Long-term benefits included:


Reduction in odors from sludge in sludge storage cells


Elimination of odors from return activated sludge

Issues Avoided

By working with SciCorp, the plant operators were able to help the facility avoid:

  • Regulatory enforcement associated with odor complaints and effluent discharge concentrations
  • Damage to the company brand in the community

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