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oregon cherry growers
(Cherries, pears, and hazelnuts)

Oregon cherry growers

Oregon Cherry Growers is one of the largest cherry farms in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. As Oregon Cherry Growers continued to expand production and increase output, they began to exceed capacity with both of their storage lagoons resulting in major issues.


Excessive sludge build-up and neighboring odor complaints threatened to force the facility to shutdown.

  • Pungent odors from their lagoons were disrupting neighbors and the community.
  • Oregon Cherry land applied the sludge and spray irrigated the wastewater onto farmlands. This resulted in excessive odor and neighbor complaints which caused the OR EPA to threaten to shut down operations.
  • Sludge build-up in the lagoons required frequent dredging/operating costs.

SciCorp Treatment Plan and Execution

Oregon Cherry found SciCorp on the web and asked for guidance for an immediate solution. SciCorp engineers responded immediately and worked with the Oregon Cherry to assess the overall operations and developed a treatment approach that involved the following:

  • Immediate application of
    a shock dose by spraying
    BIOLOGIC™ SR2 over the
    surface of the lagoons
  • Addition of BIOLOGIC™ SR2 when performing land application of the sludge and spray irrigation of the wastewater onto farmlands

Success achieved by Oregon Cherry

The shock dose of BIOLOGIC™ SR2 resulted in IMMEDIATE ELIMINATION OF LAGOON ODORS. Oregon Cherry was also able to eliminate the excessive odors caused when land applying sludge and spray applying the wastewater to farmlands. As a result, the OR EPA was satisfied and complaints from neighbors stopped.

Long-term benefits included:


Odor reduction in
storage lagoons


Odor reduction when spreading
both land applied sludge and spray applied wastewater


Reduction in sludge depth
in storage lagoons

+ Significant reduction in carbon footprint and environmental impact

Issues Avoided

With help from SciCorp, Oregon Cherry was able to avoid:

  • Shutdown of their manufacturing facility
  • Complaints from neighbors
  • Government fines
  • Damage to their brand in the community
  • Future lagoon dredging costs

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