Successful Results Featuring BIOLOGICTM SR2

KAW Point & Plant 20

Kansas City wastewater treatment

The plant's biosolids were creating major odor issues at the landfill and the municipality was threatening to shut the landfill down. Also, odor issues were causing widespread complaints at both WWTPs.  See how SciCorp's BIOLOGICTM SR2 successfully resolved both plant issues.

Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant

Hyperion water reclamation plant

Hyperion put BIOLOGICTM SR2 to the test when they executed a bench scale trial and the results that were achieved, far exceeded expectations.  They were able to surpass their objectives and were thrilled with the product.

Sludge Odor Control

Detroit WWTP

At this wastewater treatment plant in Detroit, BIOLOGIGTM SR2 was found to out-perform all other competing products during all tests that were carried out, and saw an 82% reduction in sludge odor.

North Carolina WWTP Success

After a 60 day trial, the data collected by the wastewater treatment plant demonstrated that SciCorp achieved significant benefits for the WWTP. The 34% of sludge reduction as a result, translates to $250,000 cost savings annually.

Wallaceburg Water Pollution Plant

Working with SciCorp Engineers, the Wallaceburg plant initiated a full scale, 90 day treatment project. The various improvements were formidable and lead to reduced sludge handling and disposal costs for the plant.

MSD Morris Forman WWTP

Following a six month treatment project working with SciCorp Engineers and using BIOLOGIC™ SR2, the MSD wastewater treatment plant achieved great results in reducing odors as well as reducing sludge by a staggering 40%.