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bongardS creameries
(Cheese, whey, cream,butter)

Bongard Creameries


A recent increase in cheese production was overwhelming the capacity of the wastewater treatment system.

  • Pungent odors from the WWTP aerated lagoons were disrupting the entire town
  • The MN EPA was threatening to shut down production if the odor was not solved immediately

SciCorp Treatment Plan and Execution

Bongards wastewater operators found SciCorp on the web and asked for guidance for an immediate solution. SciCorp engineers responded immediately and working with the Bongards wastewater treatment operators, assessed the Bongards WWTP facility and developed a treatment approach that involved the following:

  • Immediate application of a shock dose by spraying BIOLOGIC™ SR2 over the surface of the lagoons
  • Implementation of a continuous dose of BIOLOGIC™ SR2 to the influent of the lagoons using a weather protected metering pump

Success achieved by Bongards

WITHIN HOURS of Bongards operators implementing the shock dose, LAGOON ODORS WERE ELIMINATED and with ongoing treatment the odors stayed away.

All odors in the town were eliminated and the MN EPA was satisfied and required no further action.

Other long-term benefits included:

D.O. in the lagoons rose from 0.5 ppm to 3 – 4 ppm

Aerator power consumption was reduced by 35% after 3 months of operation

Lagoon sludge depth was reduced from 3 feet to 6 inches after 12 Months of operation

+ Significant reduction in carbon footprint and environmental impact

Issues Avoided

As a result of their partnership with SciCorp, Bongards was able to avoid:

  • Shutdown of their manufacturing facility
  • A multimillion dollar spend on WWTP infrastructure
  • Government fines
  • Damage to their brand in the community
  • Future lagoon dredging costs

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