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Achieve Lagoon Odor control, Reduce animal mortality, & increase animal yields

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  • Livestock Odor Control Systems
  • Dairy Lagoon Odor Control
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  • Poultry Barn Odor Control Systems
  • Hog Lagoon Odor Control

Animal friendly technology that will stop lagoon odor and wastewater odor complaints, reduce mortality rates, and improve animal yields.

  • Stop complaints from neighbors and workers related to lagoon odor control, barn odor, and wastewater odor
  • Reduce H2S/Ammonia levels & mortality rates
  • Improve both animal yields & output

How The SciCorp Technology Works

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STAGE 1 - Book  A Call

Our Engineers talk with you to understand the issues you are looking to solve. We will assist you in carrying out a pail test to demonstrate that our technology works for lagoon odor control, sludge reduction, and improves any odor control system.

SciCorp Proposal

STAGE 2 - Proposal

We provide a detailed proposal that advises how the SciCorp technology will help you solve lagoon odors, achieve sludge reduction, and improve the profitability of your operation and output / yield.

full satisfaction

STAGE 3 - Implementation

SciCorp Engineers will assist you with full implementation at your facility to ensure your full satisfaction and to help you achieve your odor control and sludge reduction goals at every step of the way.

Our commitment to you

SciCorp Engineers will meet with you regularly to help you optimize your wastewater treatment process

You will solve your lagoon odor control issues

You will reduce your ammonia levels & mortality rates

You will increase your animal yields/output and lower your operating cost.

You will achieve sludge reduction and lower your carbon footprint

We Help You Avoid

Odor complaints from neighbors and workers

High mortality rates & low yields/output

Regulatory fines and forced shutdowns

High capital spending

Damage to your corporate brand

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SciCorp technology has helped Many different Types of Agri-Businesses achieve Industrial Odor Control Systems success

Chatham-Kent Hog Farm

Chatham-Kent Hog Farm

"89% decrease in ammonia & H2S levels in indoor air and achieved full lagoon odor control"

University of Alberta

University of Alberta, (DRTC)

"Reduced H2S levels and decreased manure pump-outs by 50%"

Steinbach Hog Farm

Steinbach, Manitoba Hog Farm

"An additional 250,000 gallons of pumpable manure was recovered through sludge reduction while implementing effective lagoon odor control"

A few of our satisfied customers include:

City of Steinbach
Bongard Creameries
MapleLodge poultry processing
Chatham-Kent Hog Farm
University of Alberta
McGill University
Royal Dairy

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