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  • Landfill Odor Control
  • Transfer Station
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Solid Waste

  • Compost Odor
  • Food Waste Odor

Are Odors At Your Facility Causing You Problems?

Odor Complaints?
Regulatory fines?
Shutdown orders?

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  • Stop landfill odor control and/or industrial odor control complaints from neighbors and workers
  • Eliminate fines and shutdowns related to industrial odor control
  • Improve community relations

How The SciCorp Technology Works

Our commitment to you

SciCorp Engineers guarantee that we will help you solve your industrial odor control and/or landfill odor control issues

We will meet with you regularly to help you optimize your odor control system and reduce usage of odor control chemicals

You will reduce your carbon footprint

You will create stronger community relations

We Help You Avoid

Complaints from neighbors and workers relating to industrial odor control and the use of harmful odor control chemicals

Damage to your reputation

Regulatory fines and forced shutdowns

High capital spending

SciCorp Engineer

STAGE 1 - Book  A Call

Our Engineers talk with you to understand the industrial odor control issues you are looking to solve. We will assist you in carrying out a pail test to demonstrate the success of our landfill odor control technology and/or how it will improve your  industrial odor control systems.

SciCorp Proposal

STAGE 2 - Proposal

We provide a detailed proposal that advises how the SciCorp technology will help you achieve landfill odor control and/or solve industrial odor systems issues while reducing the use of harmful odor control chemicals.

full satisfaction

STAGE 3 - Implementation

SciCorp Engineers will assist you with full implementation at your facility to ensure your full satisfaction by helping you to improve your odor control system and achieve your industrial odor control goals - every step of the way.

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Safe, Powerful, & effective

Stop solid waste odors, improve your odor control system, and transform your operations

Large Scale Landfill

Large Scale Landfill Odor Control - Reliable Landfill

Full coverage of working face solved landfill odor control issues, fixed our odor control system, and dropped H2S levels from of 50ppm to less than 5ppm

Transfer Station - Covanta

Transfer Station - Industrial Odor Control Systems - Covanta

Solved industrial odor control issues, improved industrial odor control systems performance, and satisfied Ministry of Environment order by eliminating H2S odors during a 30 day combustion system shutdown 

Our satisfied customers include:

Waste Management Partner

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