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ISO 9001:2015

municipal wastewater treatment


Los angeles, california

Hyperion water reclamation plant

A bench scale trial to evaluate BIOLOGIC™ SR2 was carried out in the laboratory at Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant (Hyperion) located in Los Angeles, California.

The trial was designed to evaluate the ability of BIOLOGIC™ SR2 to enhance primary clarifier suspended solids settleability, promote anaerobic digestion, and improve the quality and quantity of biogas produced. 

The trial consisted of a series of settleability and digestion tests in June 2019.

Trial Overview

At Hyperion, primary sludge and thickened waste activated sludge is digested in thermophilic digesters. Ferric chloride is added to raw influent prior to primary clarification of wastewater for odor control and improvement of solids settling in the primary clarifier. Ferrous sulphate is added to the combined primary sludge and thickened waste activated sludge to reduce generation of H2S in the biogas produced by the primary anaerobic digesters.

Hyperion carried out the testing to determine whether BIOLOGIC™ SR2 could:

  • Replace ferric chloride and ferrous sulphate to improve settling in the primary clarifier
  • Improve treatment plant performance
  • Reduce aeration energy consumption; and to increase biogas production in the anaerobic digesters

Trial Results

Analysis of the results of the trial resulted in the following conclusions:

BIOLOGIC™ SR2 performs equally well as ferric chloride in terms of promoting settleability in primary clarifier sewage


BIOLOGIC™ SR2 increased the amount of biogas generated in lab scale anaerobic reactors by an average of 35% compared to control reactors


BIOLOGIC™ SR2 reduced the amount of H2S present in biogas generated in lab scale anaerobic reactors by an average of 55% compared to control reactors

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