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The Durham York Energy Centre (DYEC) is a thermal waste processing facility run by Covanta that produces energy from the combustion of 140,000 tonnes per year of residential garbage.

Covanta was required to take the combustion system off-line for a 30-day shutdown to perform maintenance. During the shutdown, waste being stored on floor and in pit began causing major odor issues and as a result, the Ministry of Environment required an immediate odor control system be installed. The system was required to have mobile capability and flexibility to target specific odor sources in the building such as the stock pile and pits.

SciCorp Treatment Plan and Execution

Covanta management reached out to SciCorp engineers to find an immediate odor control solution. SciCorp engineers reviewed the facility conditions and proposed the use of an AquaFog mobile misting fan with BIOLOGIC™ SR2 being added on a continuous basis.

  • SciCorp BIOLOGIC™ SR2 (with a lemongrass fragrance combined with water at a specific dilution) was applied using two AquaFog misting fans over the garbage and staging floors
  • The use of BIOLOGIC™ SR2 and the AquaFog fans were automated and set to run continuously
  • The fan is connected to a metering pump and a drum supply of BIOLOGIC™ SR2
  • Supply of freshwater is controlled by a float valve capable of misting outputs up to 5GPH


As a result of treatment, the following results were achieved:

Odors from the waste stock-piles on the holding floors and pits were eliminated.

The Ministry of Environment inspector was satisfied with the results

The maintenance shutdown was successful and operations returned to normal without generating odor complaints.

Covanta decided to purchase the AquaFog & BIOLOGIC set-up for a permanent odor control system to be operated as needed.

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