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large scale landfill case study

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Reliable landfill, livonia, la


Reliable landfill has been in operation since 1996. In late 2016, the facility began receiving odor complaints that were specifically related to hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

At that point Reliable Landfill management took actions including rejecting specific waste streams, applying additional soil/mulch cover, using a high density polyethylene liner/tarp for waste cover, and installing a vapor-driven odor neutralizing system.

When the odor complaints and issues continued, management at Reliable decided to contact SciCorp engineers looking for a solution that would work.

SciCorp Treatment Plan and Execution

SciCorp Engineers were able to assess the data and issues facing the facility and, together with the landfill management developed an approach that involved spraying BIOLOGIC™ SR2 directly onto the working face of the landfill.

  • Initially a small-scale test was carried out that involved spraying the working face and areas with soil mulch cover in the sections of the landfill with the highest H2S readings
  • Upon successful completion of the small scale test, the treatment approach was adopted full-scale


After implementing the full-scale treatment, the following results were observed:

Areas that exhibited the highest H2S readings from personal monitors of >50 ppm before spraying were reduced to 0 ppm after product application.

Significant H2S reduction was observed in all areas that were sprayed.

The BIOLOGIC™ SR2 full-scale spray application included the full-scale working face and areas with soil/mulch cover of the landfi ll (3 acres).

This same spray application process was applied to an area of the landfill where the waste was currently being excavated and the H2S readings dropped from >50 ppm to less than 5 ppm.

Following the application of BIOLOGIC™ SR2 no further odor complaints were registered against the facility

Issues Avoided

By working with SciCorp the landfill was able to avoid:

  • Interruption in landfill construction as a result of odor complaints
  • Requirements for worker health and safety measures such as respirators
  • Damage to company brand in the community

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