When it comes to odour, waste and water issues, we as consumers need powerful, effective and immediate solutions.  Sometimes that means having to compromise with products that are not as earth friendly as we would like.  Not any more! We now give you the power to make a difference. Our products are 100% environmentally safe and they are more powerful, effective and immediate than the alternatives in the marketplace.


MrGreen® Odour and Water Solutions

MrGreen® is our consumer line of natural septic, odour and waste management products that were derived from SciCorp’s industrial strength BIOLOGIC® solutions.

Eco-Friendly Odour Control Solutions

The MrGreen® family of products are proudly manufactured in Canada and are made from 100% natural ingredients. The MrGreen® family is ECOLOGO/UL approved, making them a safe and environmental choice.

Customers from all around the world have come to rely on the effectiveness and the reliability of the full line of MrGreen® products.  We are committed to developing solutions that will help people solve their problems without compromising their health and their home.

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