You don’t have to search far to find complaints surrounding the terrible smells that come from local landfill sites.  Operators spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars to try to solve their landfill odor problems and yet they still persist.

“We are very satisfied with the performance of Biologic SRC/Waste Management Odour Disposer lemonfragrance in our mobile misting system at the landfill site. The use of Biologic SRC/Waste Management Odour Disposer has eliminated any odour complaints from our neighbours regarding our landfill operations.” – Cheryl Moons, Landfill Operations Manager, SW Ontario Landfills Waste Management, Inc. Canada

For a very small cost and minimal capital requirements, SciCorp’s BIOLOGIC® SR2 is permanently eliminating those landfill odors.  Not only that, but BIOLOGIC® SR2 continues to work to accelerate the digestion of any biosolids in landfill odor but to ensure the landfill odor control is managed and doesn’t come back.

One of the hardest things to deal with when it comes to compost management is compost odor. SciCorp’s BIOLOGIC® SRC is a powerful and natural tool to eliminate those compost odors immediately and ongoing.

Landfill Odor Elimination


The accelerated decomposition of biosolids throughout the landfill helps to quickly eradicate any continued threat of landfill odor production.  Essentially BIOLOGIC® SRC3 actively feeds and strengthens the digesting bacteria while starving the bacteria that produces ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.

For operations that also incorporate Biogas production, BIOLOGIC® SRC3 enhances the operations and provides for greater volumes and faster execution.

Of critical importance is the ecological nature of BIOLOGIC® SRC3.  The product is entirely natural and not only does it not contaminate ground water, it provides valuable nutrients to keep it healthy and clean.

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Using BIOLOGIC® SRC3 in your operations will help eliminate landfill odors and accelerate the decomposition process.  SRC3 is available in a pine or cherry fragrance.

With the addition of BIOLOGIC® SRC3, biological activity and metabolism is substantially increased and the generation of odors is eliminated.


For surface treatment: approximately 5 ml per square meter of compost depending on type and level of landfill odor and material.

For airborne treatment: use in a misting system with a dilution of 1:800 and apply as needed.


BIOLOGIC® SRC3 is a natural micronutrient supplement containing a proprietary blend of natural biodegradable vitamins and trace mineral.  These components are specifically engineered to stimulate desirable, naturally occuring bacteria present in composting matter.

Landfill odor no longer needs to be a concern making for happy neighbours and a work environment that is easier to work in.