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Increase Plant Capacity, & Reduce Operating Costs

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Do you struggle with:

  • Wastewater Odor Control
  • Papermill Odor Control
  • Ineffective industrial odor control systems
  • Lagoon Odor Control
  • Sludge Reduction
  • Landfill Odor Control

are odors at your facility causing you problems?

Is your operation or facility facing:

odor complaints?

Regulatory enforcement/fines?

effluent issues/high operating costs?

Overloading And/Or Capacity Issues?

SciCorp Engineers can help!

Our proven technology generates powerful results, promotes sludge reduction and odor control in wastewater treatment plants of all types, achieves landfill odor control, and works with your biologic systems instead of against them!

Our satisfied partners include industrial odor control customers, papermill odor control customers, lagoon odor control customers, landfill odor control customers, dairy processing plants,  customers looking for odor control in wastewater treatment plants, and many more.....

Kansas Waste Water

KAW - Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Steve Leiker "Achieved 25% sludge reduction and complete wastewater odor control and saved us money on odor control chemicals"


Parmalat - Lactalis Canada.  "Helped us achieve 97% wastewater odor control with no additional odor control chemicals"

Bongard Creameries

Bongards Dairy Processing Plant. "very effective lagoon odor control - SciCorp helped our industrial odor control systems tremendously and helped us solve all our wastewater odor control problems!"

The SciCorp Engagement Process

SciCorp Engineer

Stage 1 - Book a Call

Our Engineers talk with you to understand your facility and the issues you are looking to solve. We will assist you in carrying out a pail test to demonstrate that our technology works for odor control in wastewater treatment plants, papermill odor control, landfill odor control and/or for other types of industrial odor control.

SciCorp Proposal

stage 2 - Proposal

We will provide a detailed proposal that advises how the SciCorp technology will help you solve odors while reducing the use of odor control chemicals and improving the biological treatment process at your facility.  If you have a industrial odor control system - we will help you make it work better!

full satisfaction

stage 3 - implementation

SciCorp Engineers assist you with full implementation at your facility to ensure your full satisfaction regarding odor control in wastewater plants, industrial odor control, sludge reduction, and/or landfill odor control and we will help you achieve your goals at every step of the way.

Talk with a SciCorp Engineer today!

Our commitment to you

SciCorp Engineers will meet with you regularly to help you optimize your waste treatment process

You will solve your industrial odor control systems, lagoon odor control, papermill odor control and/or wastewater odor control issues

You will increase your treatment capacity and lower your operating costs

You will reduce your carbon footprint

We Help You To Avoid

Odor complaints from neighbors and workers

High capital spending and sludge disposal restrictions

Regulatory fines and forced shutdowns

Damage to your corporate brand

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A Sample Of Our Real World Results

Kansas Waste Water

KAW - Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant.  "Reduced Sludge by 25%"

Operators struggled with biosolid odors that were causing unaffordable disposal costs.  We helped the plant stop wastewater treatment odors, achieve sludge reduction, and significantly reduce operating costs.  Four years later SciCorp is still providing effective odor control in wastewater plants at two locations.

Pulp & Paper Case Study

South American Pulp & Paper WWTP
"Increased production capacity by 10%"

Engineers at a large South American papermill plant needed to stop papermill odor control complaints and improve wastewater treatment efficiencies. SciCorp helped them find a way to increase their  capacity by more than 10% while removing odors throughout their facility without increasing the use of odor control chemicals.

Bongard Creameries

Bongards Dairy Processing Plant. "Increased Plant Capacity"

Odor complaints were about to shut down dairy processing operations. SciCorp worked with the plant operators to achieve lagoon odor control within 24 hours and helped eliminate the need for a multi-million dollar industrial odor control systems expansion.  After three months of operation achieved more than 50% sludge reduction

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A few of our satisfied customers include:

Kansas Waste Water
Bongard Creameries
Royal Dairy
oregon cherry growers
Twin Rivers Paper Company
MapleLodge poultry processing


Professional Engineers Ontario
ISO 9001:2015

Reduce The Carbon Footprint of Your Wastewater Facility