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Derk Z. Maat, M.Eng., P.Eng.
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Maat has devoted his life to the environmental field with over 35 years in research and development, consulting, design, construction engineering, technology development, and marketing in wastewater treatment. Mr. Maat is committed to the sustainability and health of our water and water systems

This Month’s Featured Client
Bongards Premium Cheese

Bongards Premium Cheese in Minnesota remains one of the largest cheese making plants in the world. Starting out as a small cooperative in 1908, the company has consistently grown. After more than 100 years perfecting their products and services, Bongards Premium Cheese continues to make world leading improvements to their business.  One such improvement is how it handles the odors and sludge in their wastewater.  SciCorp is grateful to be a key player in Bongards’ solutions to eliminate odors in and outside of the plant, to reduce operational and maintenance costs and to incorporate a powerful sustainability initiative.

Bongards Cheese

Daryl Larson, Bongards’ Cheese Plant Director, was challenged to solve the issue of severe odors coming from their two discharge lagoons.  Neighbors were complaining and the work environment was suffering. With a total area of 18 acres and a volume of over 53 million gallons in an ‘upset’ condition, Daryl was struggling to find a solution.  

Daryl found SciCorp on the web and immediately got in contact.  “It was great to be able to talk to an environmental engineer who really understood our issues,” says Daryl.  SciCorp was able to calculate the required concentration and procedure and “within days all my odor and sludge problems were gone”