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Managing Waste to Energy Odor

Helping Covanta Keep Odors Away

Covanta is one of the World’s largest Energy-from-Waste (EfW) owners and operators with over 40 facilities throughout North America, Italy and China.  They called upon SciCorp International to help them overcome some challenging odor issues.  

We were able to “prevent any odour complaints from neighbors and to maintain regulatory compliance during maintenance downtimes”. 

Find out how we did it in our most recent blog post.

Waste Management Partner

Waste Management and SciCorp

WM Odor Disposer™ In Stores! 

Canadian Tire was our first retail partner to support our WM Odour Disposer™, starting in October of last year.  During that time, consumers were elated by what the new odor eliminator could actually do.  Not only did they find it worked incredibly well on their compost and garbage, we were getting testimonials about hockey gear, diaper pails, cat litter, dog washing and septic tank renewals.  The popularity of WM Odor Disposer™ has now attracted the attention of other great retailers.

Now available in 900 locations within one year, the partnership with Waste Management Inc. has proven to be an excellent one.  Not only has it been great for Waste Management Inc., but it has also lead to significant opportunities for SciCorp International Inc. in the landfill, wastewater and food processing and services businesses in places such as Kansas, Minnesota, Chicago and California to name a few. 


Golden Town Apple Lagoon

Finally...An Odor Solution That Works!

We Don’t Need Aerators Anymore

At Golden Town Apple Products, a division of Lassonde Products Inc., the lagoon had become a very expensive and formidable challenge.  They tried everything to solve their odor problem and eventually came across SciCorp International Inc. through this very website.  What they ended up getting was more than they could have hoped for.

We were able to talk with the head of their Quality Assurance, Lauren Holzschuh, who described their experiences and ultimate success in the videos attached to this article.  Click on the ‘Learn more’ button below to see videos of Lauren describe their issues and how SciCorp not only saved them considerable money, but also helped them modify their processes to bring life back to their lagoon, odour out of their operations and incredible reductions in their sludge.  


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