Water Today Online

Have you seen our latest news article? We’ve recently been featured in the online publication Water Today.

The article highlights how SciCorp’s innovative and transformative wastewater technology is benefiting wastewater facilities all over the world.

In the interview, our CEO Mr. Derk Maat was asked, “What is the reaction of the marketplace, in other words, the wastewater operators? Are they skeptical?”

Maat: We have spent the last ten years developing an engineered approach to the use of our technology.

You are exactly right, the traditional wastewater treatment plant manager or operator will say, no product has ever achieved (the benefits claimed by SciCorp technology) before. We have used bacterial formulations, we have used enzymes, we have used other chemicals and nothing, and none of these other products has approached the benefits of your product.

So, when we approach a wastewater treatment plant manager, the first thing they ask is, “Will it kill the reactions in my plant? It’s a biological system.” My response today is NO, it will not".

We have never seen any plant have negative effects. In every case, we… READ MORE