Industrial Odor Control – Wastewater Odor & Landfill Odor Control 

The following is snippet from an article written by our own Derk Maat and published in the ES&E Magazine in their April Issue.

You can find the entire article here: Odor Control with Plant Based Micronutrients rv

A new biological environmentally sustainable approach using plant based organic micronutrients has been developed over the last number of years  to specifically stimulate aerobes and anaerobes and competitively inhibit the sulphur reducing and ammonia forming bacteria and enzymes.

Odor Control in Garbage and Wastewater

The main active ingredients in the micronutrient solutions include plant sourced amino acids, vitamins and other plant based organic constituents and trace minerals. The micronutrient solution itself is biodegradable as it used up by the beneficial bacteria as food source in found in organic waste streams.

These micronutrients when added to liquid and solid organic waste streams eliminate the formation of odors at the source in the biological reactions that are responsible for organic waste degradation.

The biological reactions at work, when certain micronutrients are added, impact the metabolic rate of certain microbial organisms. Research has shown that non sulphur reducing anaerobes and many different types of aerobes are stimulated by the plant based organic micronutrient catalyst to operate at much higher metabolic rates. Sulphur reducing anaerobes and ammonia generating enzymes are unable to utilize the specific micronutrients introduced into organic waste streams.

As a result, the microorganisms stimulated by the micronutrient solution out compete the odor producing microbes for macronutrients and thereby, by means of competitive inhibition, severely restrict the odor producing microbes in their metabolic activity resulting in a dramatic decrease in the production of odors.

The net impact is that odors are significantly reduced but bacterial breakdown of the organic waste continues at an accelerated rate.

Read the entire article here: Odor Control with Plant Based Micronutrients rv