Wastewater Treatment – Lagoon Odor Control & Sludge Reduction

Maple Lodge Farms is Canada’s largest chicken processing company.  With a long legacy of excellence rooted in family, community and quality the company has continually worked to find improvements.  It wasn’t surprising that when it came to being a great neighbor and building an exceptional work environment, the company wanted a powerful solution to their wastewater treatment and  lagoon odor control issues. 

In early 2013, Maple Lodge Farms reached out to SciCorp to address the rising costs of wastewater treatment and the harmful impact that current industrial odor control systems were having on the environment.  That led to a comprehensive study to evaluate the impact that BIOLOGIC™ SR2 could have on their operations.

Lagoon Cleanup at Maple Lodge Farms

Before and after photos of the Maple Lodge Farms

Here’s what they had to say when we finished the tests:

“The malodor is completely eliminated within 100 feet of the facility perimeter. If Ministry of Environment personnel could google-map the lagoons after the SR2 application and compare with those prior to the SR2 usage, they would see significant improvements in clarity and color change. The yellowish tainted color in the final effluent, which has always been there since I started to work 30 years ago, is totally gone”.

Plant Manager
Maple Lodge Farms

The results from adding BIOLOGIC™ SR2 to the lagoon were no less than amazing. Maple Lodge Farms were able to see:

  1.  24% increase in treatment plant capacity without plant upset.
  2.  22% reduction in aeration costs
  3.  25% reduction in polymer used for sludge dewatering
  4.  26% sludge reduction – sludge generated
  5.  Lagoon odor control – odors disappeared throughout the facility
  6.  Enhanced resistance to organic load peaks
  7.  Increased DO levels in aeration tanks
  8.  Better floc and improved sludge settleability
  9.  Less foam in aeration basin

To see the full report on Maple Lodge Farms, please send a request through here.

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