Proof is in the Sludge

We had the opportunity to sit down with Steve Leiker, Kansas and Area Wastewater Treatment Facility Manager, to see how things were going a year later.  We were able to capture his responses in the following video:

The following is a transcript of the interview:

Derk Maat, CEO of SciCorp International Corp introduces the interview:

Here at SciCorp, we’ve perfected a micronutrient solution that will improve treatment plant performance, eliminate odors, reduce biosolids generation and reduce costs.  One of our key customers, Kansas City, Kansas, has been testing our product for some time.  Our US representative, Monty Anderson, spoke with Steve Leiker, the plant manager to understand how the product works at his plant.

You operate wastewater treatment plants that process millions of gallons of water a day.  Prior to contacting SciCorp International what was your biggest challenge?

We had two challenges.  Odor produced at the centrifuges here at the plant, and also getting rid of the biosolids at the landfill.  Waste Management was being faced with not taking our sludge anymore if we could not get the odors under control.  There were some expensive houses being located around the landfill and they were making complaints and the City of Lenexa was threatening to shut them down for taking sludge.

Did you try other solutions, and if so why did they not work for you?

We tried some chemical additives and they did not work well for us.  In the smaller plant it caused us a plant upset, and at this plant we tried it and it caused us some issues with piping.  It just deteriorated the piping even before it got to the holding tank.

How did you hear about SciCorp?

We were looking for a solution and nothing was really coming our way until we got into a discussion with Mike Dale, who worked for Waste Management at the time and he suggested SciCorp.  We brought these folks in and tried them out.  The sludge being treated was in excess of 200 ppm of H2S and it could have been 2000 for all we know.  Our meter just goes up to 200.

Given your experience with the previous product, how did you go about testing SciCorp’s product?

Well we started with the pail test and then went from there.

What were the results of using SciCorp over the last year?

The concentration of H2S came below 5 consistently.  And then also the biological side of things, we reduced our tonnage to the landfill by 25%.  Treatment plant 20 has a reduction of about 20% and I think it is less there because they’ve got a smaller detention time for their biosolids, so its been a money saving ordeal for us as far as landfill fees and tipping fees.

What do you think of SciCorp and their solution?

I was very apprehensive on the claim that they would reduce our biosolids, but if it worked, so much better for us because we were using it for odor reduction.  Well we’ve been into it for over a year now and its been consistently down 25% from what we had been using and paying prior to that.  Its great for us because it helps offset the costs.

Derk Maat ends the video with:

With these results we have entered into a three year renewable contract with Kansas City.  They have started using it at a second facility and will start at a third one as well.  The data shows the product works and we believe it has the potential to transform the wastewater treatment plant industry.