In 2016, Revive and SciCorp International Corp. developed a low-cost micronutrient version of BIOLOGIC™ SR2 called PUNGUZA that is designed to solve problems related to odors, disease carrying insects, and solids accumulation in pit latrines.

These problems prevent people from adopting latrine use which contributes to the problem of open defecation in Kenya.

Through the work of REVIVE Consulting in Africa, and the power of  the PUNGUZA  micronutrient technology the spread of diseases will be reduced dramatically, the costs associated with people’s basic needs will be dropped significantly, and the opportunity to provide income generating businesses and educate the young on sustainability is now possible.

Pit Latrine Odor Control

Anja Oussoren, MSc., of REVIVE Consulting Solutions Ltd. has been working tirelessly with SciCorp International Inc. and UNICEF to develop a solution that will strengthen UNICEF’s Open Defaecation Free (ODF) program. The ODF program was developed to ensure people are not defaecating in the open. To achieve this, homesteads must have and use pit latrines. The challenge however is to make the program sustainable because once the pit latrines are full of sewage solids, households may find it difficult to afford building a new latrine, insect infestation becomes a greater problem and odour issues are magnified.

The ODF program was created because access to improved/adequate sanitation facilities is a major challenge in many emerging and middle economies. This lack of access to adequate sanitation has been linked to diseases, particularly affecting children. According to the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Program, in Kenya a child dies every 17 minutes of a preventable diarrheal disease. Additionally, inadequate sanitation is ranked sixth and eighth among the leading causes of years of life lost for women and men, respectively. Furthermore, more than 50% of hospital visits in Kenya are attributable to diseases associated with poor sanitation, insufficient water and poor hygiene.

A recent pilot trial using REVIVE’s Natural Punguza™ Pit Latrine solution made with SciCorp’s micronutrient technology was undertaken in the county of Kitui, Kenya. Homes and schools were selected based on the severity of waste volume, insects and maggots as well as odor issues. The results were astonishing. Within 19 days and the addition of Natural Punguza™ waste volumes in the pit latrines were reduced by as much as four (4) feet, odor was reduced or eliminated entirely and cockroaches and flies were gone.

Open defecation is the leading contributor to the spread of disease and the reduction in life in emerging countries and collectively we (REVIVE, UNICEF and SciCorp) are excited for the prospects of what this collaboration can do to save lives and improve the quality of life of billions.

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