In 1962, Ted Bell started one of the largest cherry farms in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Now with over 160 acres of cherries, 17 acres of pears and 32 acres of hazelnuts, Bell Foods Inc. continues to grow under the leadership of Ted’s son, Craig. Throughout their history, one pervasive commitment has persisted, and that is the demand to always deliver great quality products that are organic and natural. Included in this commitment is a drive to ensure that everything they do is positive for the environment. That challenge was certainly tested with the sludge in their two lagoons.
Wastewater lagoons at Bell Farms

For years, Bell Foods has struggled with lagoon odor control coming from the sludge in their wastewater treatment lagoons. Finding an environmentally friendly solution proved to be daunting as previous odor control chemicals and their previous industrial odor control system failed to deliver the results Craig expected. That is, until Craig searched the web, found the site and decided to reach out.

A conversation with Derk Maat from SciCorp helped overcome those issues and Craig decided to give SciCorp’s natural BIOLOGIC™ SR2  a try.

The results were immediate.  Lagoon odors were quickly eliminated and the neighbors odor complaints disappeared. Craig continues to use BIOLOGIC™ SR2 and is so happy with the results that he has recommended the product to the Oregon State Environmental Quality Commission and to others in the area who may have lagoon odor control issues with their food and agricultural operations.

Craig Bell and his company, Bell Foods Inc., are proof that it is possible to solve serious issues with the right powerful and natural solutions. Thank you to Craig and his crew for your commitment to caring for the earth while delivering great healthy products.