Water Dragons Competition winners

SciCorp International virtually took the stage for the UK Water Dragon Competition on March 22, 2022. They were one of six other firms selected to pitch their innovations to UK-based water and wastewater stakeholders in a
“Dragon’s Den” style event.

SciCorp has been solving odor issues in wastewater treatment plants, digesters, lagoons, pulp and paper plants for over 20+ years and has worked with hundreds of facilities using their blend of plant-based micronutrient technology, BIOLOGIC™

This unique innovative, cost effective bioaugmentation technology reduces the carbon footprint and environmental impact of wastewater treatment.

The application and use of BIOLOGIC™ SR2 in activated sludge plants has successfully demonstrated a 60% increase efficiency of primary treatment of raw sewage, improved secondary treatment processes by reducing energy demand by
25% and reducing the generation of new biosolids by 25%. This really impressed the judges.

“We are extremely proud to have been selected as the winner of this year’s event. Our odor control product BIOLOGIC™ SR2 has been used in facilities and WWTPs around the world providing a much-needed solution”. – Derk Maat, CEO, SciCorp


SciCorp will now advance to the final event with finalists from other countries.
The Water Dragons event arranged by Future Water Association in collaboration with the Canadian Federal Government and the Province of Ontario and leading water/wastewater utilities provided a unique opportunity for Canadian
companies to pitch their innovations to a panel of judges in the water industry, and we were honored to be a part of this challenge.