Make an Impact


As a relatively small environmental company, we are always seeking new ways of capturing the attention of municipalities and large organizations in North America to demonstrate our unique water technology. Interestingly enough, the reception to new technology is often more positive outside of North America; however, being a Canadian company we are always seeking opportunities close to home. What we needed was a lift, and that’s exactly what we got.

A couple of months ago we hooked up with a program whose sole mission is to bring new water technology to the field quickly and efficiently. This program is the brain child of two well-known organizations working together; Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF), and Water Environment Foundation (WEF). Together WERF and WEF have created the ‘Leader Innovation Forum for Technology’ (LIFT) program that is designed to accelerate new wastewater treatment technologies in North America.

The ‘LIFT’ program is designed to bring the best scientific minds and industry specialists to the table to help fuel the adoption of innovative technologies. It scans the marketplace for innovations and facilitates collaboration on testing and demonstrations between technology providers and interested parties (e.g., facility owners, consultants, financiers). Recently LIFT completed a review of our technology and it didn’t take them long to recognize that we had something special. Within several months they had us presenting to some of the largest wastewater leaders in Canada and the United States.  Currently, as a result of connections facilitated by LIFT, we are in discussions with treatment plants in Vancouver and in Washington that are both very interested in partnering with us to reduce odor and reduce sludge (biosolids) disposal costs at their facilities.

WEF WERF and LIFT image

We are still early in the process, but to see the immediate impact that these two organizations had through the LIFT program was both impressive and appreciated. We encourage other innovators to check out these organizations and we are looking forward to our continued association with them.