Make an Impact

It is Possible to Make a Difference

The citizens of our world who experience the greatest exposure to toxic environments have the least control of their destiny.  Why do we turn a blind eye to children who are forced to satisfy their thirst by drinking water contaminated with parasites and fecal bacteria?  We need to change.  We need to care.  It’s been said that the measure of a nation is determined by how it treats its weakest citizens. I believe we need to look at ourselves not as citizens of a nation, but as citizens of the world.

If we care, it is possible to change.  However, we need to move together to make a difference.  There is a man in Kenya who cares, who sacrifices, who gathers people and who is making a difference.  Charles Mulli is an inspiration (  He is pouring out his life to help the street children in Kenya – he has built an amazing school that is changing thousands of lives.  He needs help though, in many ways.

One way that Ivory Consult Ltd, a Kenyan company dedicated to improving water treatment in Kenya, is making a difference is by working on a solution for the sanitation issues at the Mully Childrens’s Family facility.  The plan is to research, design and implement an effective system for treating the wastewater at the Mully Children’s Family facility that can be used as a prototype to export to the tens of thousands of other Kenyan schools without property sanitation or wastewater treatment.

How can you make a difference with your life?