Take Back Control Of Odors In Lift Stations, Forcemains And Gravity Sewers, Reduce Fats Oils And Grease (FOG) Accumulation At The Same Time

ISO 9001:2015

municipal wastewater treatment


lift station & forcemain/gravity sewers

City of Wichita - SciCorp

Wichita collection system consists of Lift Stations, Forcemain and Gravity Sewers feeding into downstream pumping stations eventually discharging into the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).


  • Odors in the lift station and downstream forcemain and gravity sewer
  • Fats, oils, grease (FOG) accumulation in lift station and wastewater treatment plant
  • Immediate action required due to odor complaints being received from the neighbors next to the Lift Station
  • Odors at wastewater treatment plant

SciCorp Treatment Plan and Execution

The collection system manager contacted SciCorp to help with finding a solution to eliminate the odor complaints and to solve FOG problems. SciCorp engineers reviewed the operating data and developed a treatment approach that involved the following:

  • Implementation of a continuous dose of BIOLOGIC™ SR2 at the upstream lift station


As a result of treatment, the following results were achieved: 


Odors eliminated in
Lift Station and WWTP

Odors from the Lift Station, downstream sewers, pumping stations and wastewater treatment plant disappeared

The FOG build up in the Lift Stations and wastewater treatment plant disappeared

FOG accumulation eliminated in Lift Station WWTP

Issues Avoided

By working with SciCorp, the plant operators were able to help the system avoid:

  • Regulatory enforcement associated
    with odor complaints
  • Maintenance issues at lift station
    and wastewater treatment plant
  • Damage to the reputation of
    municipal government and

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