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clayton county water authority


Clayton County Water Authority

Clayton County Water Authority (CCWA) is recognized throughout the world for its sustainability practices and has been named one of the “Top Water Wise Communities” in the U.S. and a “Utility Of The Future Today” by industrial peers.


A recent increase in sewage overflow spills was creating challenges related to the removal of H2S, suspended solids, and high levels of BOD at spill locations:

  • Pungent odors from the spills were creating problems 
  • Accumulation of suspended solids and high BOD levels in creek beds were negatively impacting surface water quality

Clayton County prides itself on providing quality water and quality services to its community. Despite a limited ground water inventory, the Water Authority has developed a truly sustainable water supply through the utilization of treatment wetlands for the recycling of treated wastewater.

SciCorp Treatment Plan and Execution

Gerald Fuller, Conveyance Cleaning Supervisor met with SciCorp representatives to pursue a long-term solution for sewage overflow clean-up. SciCorp proposed retrofitting an existing water truck to surface apply BIOLOGIC SR2™ to spill locations. In working with Clayton County, SciCorp developed a treatment approach that involved the following:

  • Retrofit water truck to surface apply BIOLOGIC SR2™ at spill locations
  • Prepared a protocol for applying BIOLOGIC SR2™ at spill locations based on the severity of the spill that occurred


The new approach gave Clayton County the capacity to immediately react to sewage overflow spills with significant effectiveness.

Other long-term benefits included:

Eliminated Odors (H2S) at spill sites

Reduced suspended solids and BOD levels in creek beds

Stimulated the breakdown of biosolids and organic matter in creek beds

Increased DO levels in creek beds

SciCorp-Clayton County Water Authority

As a result of their partnership with SciCorp, Clayton County has recommended BIOLOGIC SR2™ to additional counties in the Georgia area and continues to rely on BIOLOGIC SR2™ to treat all sewage overflow spills that occur.

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