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Ontario Clean Water Agency

The New Horizon WWTP is a small RBC plant
(3 stage aerobic, 1 stage anaerobic) that has a flow capacity of 175m3/day.


The WWTP was facing the following issues as a result of operating conditions that differed from assumptions made during the plant design.

  • Fats and greases were clogging the RBC preventing proper bio-film growth
  • Odor issues were prevalent throughout the plant
  • Settleability was poor and TSS removal efficiency was poor
  • Scum build-up in the final clarifier was causing major odor issues

SciCorp Treatment Plan and Execution

The operations manager reached out to SciCorp engineers in search of a solution that would help improve effluent, reduce odors, and improve the overall operations of the plant.

SciCorp engineers were able to assess the plant operations and recommend a treatment plan using BIOLOGIC™ SR2.


As a result of the daily additive of BIOLOGIC™ SR2 the following results were achieved:

The fat and grease building up in the RBC disappeared and bio-film on the RBC was able to grow properly

Settleability issues disappeared and TSS treatment improved. Final effluent quality significantly improved

The scum build up in the final clarifier disappeared along with the associated odors

Odors disappeared throughout the plant whereas historically they were a major issue, specifically in the hotter summer months

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