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ISO 9001:2015

agriculture manure treatment

Dairy operations

dairy research & technology center

University of Alberta

146 Holstein cows in 350 ft main barn with 146 tie stalls


Manure from cows was creating high H2S levels in the manure collection room and the liquid storage tank building at the University of Alberta Dairy Research and Technology Centre.

  • Elevated H2S concentrations were causing staff and worker odor complaints
  • Liquid manure in storage tanks was creating excessive foaming when pumped into tanks
  • Increased pump-out frequency required to avoid foam overflowing from tanks was causing increased hauler costs

SciCorp Treatment Plan and Execution

DRTC was interested in conducting a trial using BIOLOGIC™ SR2 to determine if it could eliminate the H2S odors and excessive foaming in the storage tanks. SciCorp Engineers worked with DRTC operators to implement a treatment approach.

  • BIOLOGIC™ SR2 was added to the 300 gallon liquid manure collection tank at a dosage rate of 1L, twice per day, during the collection of the manure liquid from the barn floors.
  • Liquid from the 300 gallon collection tank was then pumped into the separate storage building and stored in the 4 x 9000 gallon storage tanks.


The treatment program evaluated the data before and after the use of BIOLOGIC™ SR2 over a period of 124 days. Results showed a significant improvement in indoor air H2S concentrations and also in the number of pump-outs required for the 9000 gallon tanks.

Significantly reduced H2S levels in the manure collection room and liquid manure storage tanks from an average of 20 ppm to 0 ppm.

Achieved monthly cost savings due to reduced pump-outs ($1,178/Month)

Eliminated odor complaints from staff

Reduced storage tank pump-out frequency by 50%

Eliminated foaming in the storage tanks

Problems Avoided

As a result of their partnership with SciCorp DRTC was able to avoid:

  • Odor complaints /health issues with workers
  • Elevated operating costs

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