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Apple Processing Wastewater

Golden Town Apple’s Lagoon

“Our problem started with smell….but we were also struggling with suspended solids and CBOD levels, so we reached out to SciCorp,” says Lauren Holzschuh, Quality Assurance Manager with Golden Town Apples, a division of Lassonde Inc.   “As soon as we used the product, you couldn’t smell it anymore, it was amazing”, she goes on to say.

Odours and suspended solids are ongoing challenges for most, if not all food processing companies and many will continue to spend too much money to overcome these pervasive issues.  As Lauren tells us, “we tried everything from increasing agitation, adding more aeration systems, pumping out solids, everything under the sun.”  Once they started working with SciCorp, they came to realize that they no longer needed any of those.  “We can completely turn off our aerators and not use them at all…’s a huge cost savings for us.”, she says.

What was extremely helpful for the people at Golden Town Apples was the expert support that they received from the SciCorp engineers.   “Every situation is different and SciCorp prides itself in delivering solutions, not just products”, says Derk Maat, CEO and founder of SciCorp International Corp.  In Golden Town’s case, they deal with highly acidic discharge from apple processing, so it was important to help them neutralize the lagoon.  In addition, the lagoon was ‘devoid of any nutrients’, so an appropriate amount of nitrogen needed to be added.  The engineers at SciCorp helped identify the exact amounts needed which helped turn a ‘dead lagoon’ into a ‘thriving ecological pond’.

Within a month you could see the ‘big clumps’ breaking apart and turning into smaller particles.  The pond started bubbling and the lagoon came back to life, naturally.  The odour was gone and the neighbours were happy.  Lauren Holzschuh, and Golden Town Apples are very happy customers!

A big thank you to Lauren and Lassonde Inc. for sharing their experience and letting us share it with you!  They truly care about the environment, their neighbours and their customers.