Tested SR2 for a month with the following results:

  • Aeration reduced by 50%
  • Chemical usage reduced by 50%
  • BOD meets effluent standards
  • Sludge reduced by 40%
  • Plant Capacity increased by 20%
  • Odour eliminated 100%

Aeration and chemical use reduction has resulted in cost savings.  I am very happy!!  Endorsing SR2 to other WWTPs.  My WWTP collects influent from 60 industries

Quang Minh, WWTP, Vietnam

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The septic booster has significantly improved the capacity and speed at which the septic beds are able to absorb the waste water.  Septic beds that required monthly pumping are now functioning as if they were brand new”….. Our experience is that the septic booster has completely regenerated our old septic beds and we are expecting to get several more years life out of our septic beds as a result of using the Mr. Green Septic Booster product

Denis Martinek CA, President
Tyrolean Village Resorts Ltd.

Denis Martinek, CA, President

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I used the PVH solution in our RV holding tank. We were dry camping and noticed after 4 days that there was no order from the holding tank! We were amazed. We have owned an RV for many years and know that usually after a few days no matter what brand or how much liquid holding tank solution we used, there would be some odor. But not with your product! We own a home with a septic system and so I have decided to try some of their other products as well. We also appreciate that the product is environmentally responsible and made in Canada.

B. Wells

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