Pet Smells

MrGreen® Litter Box Deodorizer

Pet smells - litterboxMrGreen® Litter Box Deodorizer is an all natural, micronutrient-based cat odour eliminator. It can be sprayed directly on a cat litter box and may also be used on bedding, furniture, and in the air to eliminate those nasty pet smells.

“MrGreen Cat Litter Box Deodorizer not only helps eliminate odours both in the box and in the air, it also helps control litter dust. The scent is tangy from the lemongrass, but not perfumey. The odour seems eliminated, not masked.”


MrGreen® Skunk AwaySkunk smells

MrGreen® Skunk Away is an all natural, micronutrient-based skunk odour eliminator. Skunk-Away will eliminate your pet’s skunk odour leaving a fresh smelling lemongrass scent on pet’s skin and coat.  Get rid of the awful pet smells that are caused by these animals and hug your pet again.

“There is simply nothing worse than the smell of a dog (or anyone else) that’s been skunked … unless the dog that’s been skunked takes refuge under your bed! MrGreen Skunk Away contains 100% natural biodegradable ingredients. It’s non toxic environmentally safe formula is naturally scented with lemongrass, and contains no chemicals or bacteria. Those are HUGE pluses in my book.
AND it works!”


Pet Smells - dog deodorizerMrGreen® Dog Deodorizer

MrGreen® Dog Deodorizer is an all natural, micronutrient-based dog odour eliminator. MrGreen® can be used directly on a dog to extend time between baths and can also be used on carpet, bedding, furniture or in the air.   The pet smells go away and your canine friend is easier to love.

“I love that I can spray the Dog Deodorizer in my dog’s area, without worrying if it lands on him or he inhales a bit by accident. I can even spray it DIRECTLY ON HIM or mix it with water to use for bathing. It claims to eliminate skunk odour too but I thankfully cannot test that!”
K.G., Ontario



MrGreen® Pet WashPet Smells - shampoo

MrGreen® Pet Wash is a concentrated all natural micronutrient-based deodorizing wash & shampoo. MrGreen does not cover up pet odours but eliminates odours at the source while hydrating and conditioning your pet’s skin and coat. MrGreen® will eliminate the pet smells leaving a fresh smelling lemongrass scent on pet’s skin and coat.

“Well priced and delivered quickly, this product worked well for our little yorkie. She is bathed frequently as she is on the furniture most of the time and sleeps in bed with us every night. Her coat is silkier than ever and she still smells fresh days after her bath.”