Eco friendly Plumbing and Septic

MrGreen® Septic Booster

MrGreen® Septic Booster is a powerful and eco friendly plumbing solution used to reactivate slow or failing septic systems, quickly eliminate odours, and reduce standing water & drain field back-ups. Septic Booster can also be used as an ongoing maintenance program to ensure a healthy and active septic system.

“We want to commend you on your excellent product, Septic Tank Booster. It’s easy to use and has been exceptionally effective in keeping our septic system odor free and running properly. We would recommend it to anyone.”

David and Monique Bazar

“We have used MrGreen Septic Booster in our campground for over 5 years and notice that the system has worked flawlessly. Solids & greases seem to break down much quicker using this product and problems we had before using Septic Booster have been eliminated.”

Kootenay Campsites, B. C.

“I love organic products that are good for the environment. It contains vitamins, amino acids. It is designed to boost the activity of the enzymes and bacteria already present in the septic tank.”

Andrea Denise Grant


See how Septic Booster can save your Septic System



MrGreen® Enviroflush

MrGreen® Enviroflush is another eco friendly plumbing solution.  It is a septic system maintenance product and odor eliminator. EnviroFlush stimulates existing bacteria in a septic system to help breakdown organic waste while eliminating odours and ensuring a free-flowing system. EnviroFlush is automatically applied with every flush of the toilet, last for up to four months, and tints your toilet bowl water blue.

“Found out about this product at the cottage life show in Toronto. Very cool little device! I just hang it in the toilet and done. Saves me hundreds of dollars!”
Satisfied Customer, Cottage F.L. Show

MrGreen® PVH

MrGreen® PVH is wastewater treatment for pits, vaults and holding tanks. PVH is a concentrated formula that rapidly breaks down accumulated organic solids and greases along with remarkably reducing odour.

“MrGreen PVH is easy to apply, with no hazardous or storage concerns. Delivery from supplier was prompt and priced comparatively for this environmentally friendly product.”
Arrowhead Prov. Park


MrGreen® PDT

MrGreen® PDT is an all natural, micronutrient-based pipe, drain and trap maintenance treatment. MrGreen helps to clean pipes & drains and accelerates the breakdown of waste while eliminating odors.  This eco friendly plumbing solution can be used throughout the house.

“I used this product in all of the pipes around my apartment. The kitchen sink, bathroom sinks and of course the bathtub. I even poured some into the toilet bowl. Having kids in the house I have become very cautious of what kind of chemicals and products we use in our home with a baby around. Knowing that this company uses non-toxic ingredients is a big stress reliever. Being that we use most of these areas to either clean the baby or clean her items it’s a relief to feel assured that nothing harmful is coming near her. The Pipe treatment works just as it claims to and continuously so for months. There is no heavy duty chemical odor lingering behind, its clean and fresh. I have noticed that my bathtub drain has been working much better since using the product and no more backups.”
Erica C.