Waste Management Odor Disposer

Waste Management Odor Disposer™

Compost and garbage produce some of the worst smells in your household. These odors attract fruit flies, houseflies and other annoying insects, providing the perfect breeding ground to make your life very uncomfortable. It’s these same nasty odors that attract rodents and wild animals, potentially bringing disease and destruction into your home.

WM Odor Disposer™ is a powerful new product that comes from the same industrial solutions that landfill, rendering and food processing companies have relied on for years.

Unlike perfumes that simply mask the odors and only last a short while, the all-natural WM Odor Disposer™ permanently stops the odors right at the source, making composting and garbage so much easier to manage.

Eliminating odors eliminates pests

By stopping the odors we stop the flies and wildlife, making your home a happy
place to be.

Instant impact on tough odors

WM Odor Disposer™ eradicates even the toughest odors from household garbage,
compost, pets and more.

Contribute to earth’s sustainability

Our ecofriendly WM Odor Disposer™, continues to help the environment even after your waste leaves your home.

Small Acts, Big Impacts.

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