The Works

How It Works

At the core of every product that SciCorp produces is the powerful and all natural technology called BIOLOGIC®.Biologic Family

Consisting of a proprietary blend of minerals, vitamins and amino acids also known as a micronutrient supplement. These powerful solutions naturally stimulate the healthy bacteria to rapidly eliminate the bad, odor causing bacteria.

SciCorp BIOLOGIC® SR2 is a proprietary plant-based blend of organic micronutrients that stimulates specific aerobic, anaerobic and facultative bacteria species while causing competitive inhibition of sulphur reducing bacteria

Extensive testing by independent laboratories, U.S. and Canadian government agencies, as well as use in industrial applications have proven that The BIOLOGIC® family of products from SciCorp has established new standards in waste and wastewater treatment and has successfully been proven and marketed globally.

For Industrial and Commercial applications the product is available under the BIOLOGIC® SR2 brand.

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