San Jose Odor Control

San Jose Odor Control

The city of San Jose, California often suffers from severe droughts that have a significant impact on the area’s inhabitants.  In the last year the San Jose Water Company, the company responsible for the city’s water distribution to 80% of the homes, had to declare household limits.  This drought has also forced the city to funnel water from unusual places that have helped to ease the demand, but in doing so it has made the San Jose odor control very challenging.

The San Jose odor control issue doesn’t stop with the new sources of water. Residents have been complaining to the local landfill operators about rising and repulsive odor concerns.  And while the company responsible has invested heavily in deodorizers, misting equipment and reduction systems, the odor is still rampant.  Part of that may be from neighboring Wastewater treatment and recycling plants, but the issue remains, the current solutions are not working.

Scicorp International Inc has been solving odor control and sludge management issues for over thirty years.  The solution is simple, gets to the source of the odors (doesn’t just mask it), costs very little and is entirely earth friendly.  In fact, the solution helps boost the environment.

San Jose – Santa Clara Wastewater Facility

The San Jose – Santa Clara Wastewater facility is the largest tertiery wastewater plant in the United States.  Pumping through 110 million gallons a day, this facility serves 1.4 million residents and 17,000 businesses. Cited as one of the most innovative wastewater facilities in the United States, this organization has had to deal with some extreme challenges including decaying infrastructure and heavy population growth.

San Jose Odor Control

1.4 million San Jose customers served by
San Jose – Santa Clara Wastewater facility

SciCorp International has worked with many of the plants customers to successfully eliminate odors in their facilities.  Working with some of these customers on odor control issues and sludge management solutions, SciCorp International Inc is committed to ensuring that the use of their products becomes a value add for San Jose odor control and sludge reduction.

This value add is a special mixture of organic micronutrients.  As businesses in San Jose use BIOLOGIC® SR2, the water they put back into the system provides valuable boosters to accelerate the natural reduction of sludge and continues to promote San Jose odor control for the entire metropolitan area of San Jose.