Get the odors out at the source! No toxins, no masking, no perfumes, just naturally powerful. Easy to grab hand held bottle with trigger sprayer, perfect for everyday residential use.

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Ideal for refills and large commercial applications such as dumpsters, grease pits, garbage chutes and more. Available with a ready to use spray applicator for your convenience.

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WM Odor Disposer

The Waste Management® Odor Disposer formula is a powerful odor eliminator that has been trusted by industry professionals for years, and is now available for home use. The unique solution is made from a sustainable formula that provides instant results and ongoing positive benefits to the environment well after your garbage has left your home.

    • All-natural
    • Micro nutrient technology
    • Fast-acting
    • Lemongrass scent
    • For compost, garbage and other extreme odors
  • UL/ECOLOGO certified