Our Challenge


SciCorp believes that the SciCorp BIOLOGIC® technology has the potential to bring significant net benefits to the wastewater treatment industry.  Currently, SciCorp is facing barriers in obtaining acceptance of the technology in the market place because of a need for additional third party scientific documentation of the benefits of the technology at full-scale WWTPs.

Ideal partners for demonstrating the technology are full-scale municipal and/or industrial treatment plants that pay relatively high rates for energy, that have high unit cost for handling and disposal of biosolids and/or that have odor problems.  In addition to partnering with a facility, a partnership with a third party college or university for third party assessment and reporting of results would be ideal.

SciCorp International Corp. would be able to provide SciCorp BIOLOGIC® for the demonstration test. The professional wastewater engineers listed in this application would take an active role in the design, monitoring and carrying out of the test.  The costs to run the test would be limited to the cost of the product, which would be provided by SciCorp at a significant discount or even free of charge, depending on the size of the WWTP, and the cost for third party scientific assessment of the data.  The data used to monitor the test would not be different from the typical data gathered by the wastewater plant on a daily basis.  As a result, it is anticipated that no additional costs for sampling or analysis would be incurred.