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Wastewater Treatment - a BIOLOGICTM  approach

Technology that will help you stop wastewater odor and transforms your biologic treatment process.  Simply add SciCorp micronutrients to your influent and watch your system thrive, while reducing operating costs.

We know wastewater!

how the sciCorp Technology works

best odor treatment

stop your
wastewater odor

increase plant capacity

increase plant
capacity & efficiency

reduce operating costs

reduce your
operating costs

do you struggle with:

  • lagoon odor control
  • sludge odor control
  • high biosolids dredging costs
  • wastewater odor control
  • complaints from workers & neighbors 
  • meeting regulatory discharge limits

we can help you succeed!

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SciCorp micronutrient has helped all types of wastewater treatment plant operators and engineers achieve success

Kansas Waste Water

KAW - Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant.  "Reduced Sludge by 25%"

Operators struggled with biosolid odors that were causing unaffordable disposal costs.  We helped the wastewater treatment plant stop the odors, decrease biosolids generation and lower operating costs significantly.

Waste Management Partner

Louisiana WM Landfill.  Steve Mason "Avoided Major Fines & Shutdowns"

Engineers at a large Chilean wastewater treatment plant needed to stop odor complaints and improve treatment efficiencies. SciCorp helped them find a way to increase their  capacity by more than 10% while removing odors throughout their facility.

Bongard Creameries

Bongards Dairy Processing Plant. "Increased Plant Capacity"

Odor complaints were about to shut down dairy processing operations. SciCorp worked with the plant operators to stop odors within 24 hours and helped eliminate the need for a multi-million dollar treatment system expansion.

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Learn how these companies used SciCorp technology to solve their odor problems and maximize their operations