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Odor Control on the Tipping Floor

Odor Control in Energy-from-Waste Facilities

Recently SciCorp partnered with Covanta, a world leader in providing sustainable waste and energy solutions to assist with an odor control application at their Energy-from-Waste (EfW) facility in Ontario.

The facility employs North America’s most advanced Energy-from-Waste technology to annually process 140,000 tonnes of post recycled waste and generate clean, renewable electricity for neighbouring homes and businesses. Energy-from-Waste facilities complement local recycling efforts and reduce greenhouse gases by avoiding methane from landfills, offsetting greenhouse gases from fossil fuel electrical production and recycling metals.


The Energy-from-Waste facility currently receives municipal waste from the municipality in an enclosed building.  The waste is then transferred to a high temperature combustion chamber where it is converted to heat energy, steam and electrical power for use by the municipality.  The waste storage building is maintained under negative pressure so that all of the odors associated with the municipal waste on the tipping floor are captured and pushed through the combustion chamber where the gases causing the odors are destroyed, preventing emissions.

From time to time, it is necessary for Covanta to take the combustion system off-line for maintenance. The challenge that arises during maintenance periods is that the combustion system is not available to treat the odors that continue to be generated by the municipal waste on the tipping floor and in the holding pit.  The facility needed to find a solution to ensure that odors were not released to the exterior of the building to ensure that they continued to prevent any adverse impact to their neighbors.  In addition, the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Inspector for the facility required that immediate odor control be implemented with no lag time.

In order to meet the challenge, the facility sought a solution that had mobile capability and flexibility to target specific odor sources in the building (i.e. waste in stock piles and in pit) using technology that worked quickly and effectively.


The facility Environmental Staff sourced our technology (SciCorp BIOLOGIC®) which provided a tailor made odor control solution to meet their challenge.  The system is convenient, immediately deployable, low cost and very effective.  Also, the technology is safe for human health and the environment, is manufactured with food-grade vitamins, amino acids and minerals and is certified as Non-Toxic by the Environmental Choice Program.

The SciCorp BIOLOGIC technology neutralizes odors by oxidizing airborne odour producing compounds, promotes growth of non-odor producing bacteria and inhibits hydrogen sulfide/ammonia producing bacteria.

Method of Application

Concentrated SciCorp BIOLOGICÒ SRC3 (Lemon Grass Fragrance) was combined with water at 1:50 dilution (product/water).  The liquid was then misted over the tipping floor and the holding pit that contained the waste and leachate that was generating the odor.

A Professional Engineer from SciCorp attended the facility and assisted with the set-up of a mobile misting fan, supplied by SciCorp.  The misting fan was automated and set up to run continuously.  The fan was connected to a metering pump and a mixing drum that contained 2 L of concentrated SciCorp BIOLOGIC® SRC3 mixed with 100 L of fresh water.  The flow of mix water was controlled by a float valve on the fan.  The misting fan was lightweight, easy to operate and move and capable of misting outputs of up to 5 GPH.

Biologic SRC 3 Misting Sprayer


The facility found that the application of BIOLOGIC® SRC3 provided fast and effective elimination of offensive odors emanating from the stockpiled waste and leachate in the tipping floor and holding pit.  The product was very effective at cutting the odor inside the waste holding building resulting in improved working conditions for employees.  Following application of the product only trace odor detected at the openings to ambient air from the facility.  The SciCorp BIOLOGIC® solution prevented any negative impact to neighbors and fully satisfied the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change inspector.

“We are very pleased with the performance of the SciCorp BIOLOGIC® SRC3 Lemon Grass product and we recommend it to anyone facing challenges regarding odour control.  Thanks to this technology we are able to prevent any odour complaints from neighbors and to maintain regulatory compliance during maintenance downtimes.  In addition, we are very happy with the technical support supplied by SciCorp.  SciCorp engineers responded within in 24 hours to provide the solution for our problem,” says Amanda Huxter, BSc AScT, Environmental Specialist at Covanta Durham York Renewable Energy L.P.