Wastewater treatment success in action

See how we significantly helped improve our client's biosolids and odor reductions.

Kansas Waste Water

The Challenge

  • Biosolids too odorous to be received at landfill
  • Unaffordable trucking costs to the landfill that would receive the biosolids
  • High turnover in plant employees due to elevated work place odors
  • Significant biosolids dewatering costs

Trial implementation

  • SciCorp Engineers work with Plant Operator Engineers to implement a full-scale trial and monitor results weekly
  • Modified approach based upon real-time data
  • 3 month trial concluded that all treatment goals were achieved
Biosolids Reduction
Odor Reduction

Solution Design Process

  • SciCorp Engineers visited facility, carried out pail test
  • Assess/understood wastewater data and related challenges
  • Provided detailed proposal to address challenges
SR2 Solution

Competitive bid award & full-scale implementation

  • SciCorp entered into a long-term partnership to supply, advice and technology

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