Kansas City Odor Control

Odor Control in Kansas City

Scicorp International Inc has been solving odor control and sludge management issues for over thirty years.  Every city on this planet has to deal with complications created by wastewater, landfill, food waste and so much more.  Kansas City odor control has always been a challenge for the municipalities, food producers, ethanol plants and others, and finding a solution that was inexpensive, powerful and good for the planet proved to be a challenge….until they found BIOLOGIC® SR2.

Abengoa BioEnergy

Kansas City Water Services provides services for 170,000 residential and business customers in Kansas City ensuring water collection, treatment, and distribution systems; wastewater collection and treatment systems; and stormwater management system are maintained. Working with some of these customers on odor control issues and sludge management solutions, SciCorp International Inc is committed to ensuring that the use of their products becomes a value add for Kansas City odor control and sludge reduction.

Kansas City Water

Kansas City Wastewater and the Environment

Kansas City is the 37th largest municipality in the United States and was founded as a port city along the Missouri River.  As with most cities that exist along major waterways, Kansas City recognizes the impact their waste can have on their environment and they have created a culture that demonstrates that.

One such industrial client in the State of Kansas who has taken this environmental challenge seriously is Abengoa BioEnergy Biomass .  After suffering from odor control issues coming from their wastewater lagoons, management reached out to SciCorp International to see if they could provide a solution that worked. Not only did the BIOLOGIC® SR2 solution immediately work on their odor control issues, it also reduced their sludge volumes dramatically.

Benefit to Kansas City

Being a special mixture of organic micronutrients, when businesses in Kansas City use BIOLOGIC® SR2, the used water put back into the system provides valuable boosters to accelerate the natural reduction of sludge and continues to promote Kansas City odor control for the entire city of Kansas.