Make an Impact

It is Possible

Worldwide, we have come to rely heavily on complex systems, intricate wastewater facilities and industries to be responsible for the proper handling of water discharge.  Our health and our environment rely on these organizations to protect us from the deadly impact of improper handling. What has become increasingly alarming, as we visit plants and industries around the world, is that treatment facilities everywhere are struggling to balance economics, environment and effectiveness.

Economically, it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the demand that is being put on aging systems while budgets continue to be constrained or even reduced.  This downward pressure requires engineers to make concessions that, in some cases, seriously and negatively impact their surroundings.  This is not an issue of malicious intent, profiteering or even laziness.  This is simply an issue of inadequate resources.

So the question stands, if we cannot increase the economic resources that these wastewater treatment plants need, then can we come up with solutions that will help reduce the economic pressure while proceeding to be effective, productive and efficient?

In a very poignant article found in, (, “we are still a long way from the most efficient, economic and reliable ways to ensure that our cities are properly equipped and ready for the clean water challenge.”  In this article, Dr. Nelik stresses the need to imagine the future of water systems 20 years from now, and that if we don’t, we may find ourselves unprepared.

As we travel from country to country, we are so fortunate to meet brilliant innovators who are working hard to develop, test and implement creative solutions that help solve these economic, environmental and operational challenges.  Not only in wastewater treatment plants, but in everything that touches our environment.

We will continue to seek out fellow environmental innovators and commit to sharing their stories, making connections and supporting the solutions that solve some of our world’s most critical challenges.  These innovators need help in developing and testing their solutions and in getting awareness for the wonderful work they are doing. Please join us in our blog, twitter, facebook and linkedin pages and let’s work together to support the innovators working on solutions that will protect our children, our children’s children and future generations to come.