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Kansas Waste Water


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Odour and Waste in Pit Latrines

Saving Lives and Dignity

Saving lives and improving the quality of life for billions of people…yes, billions….is certainly an ambitious goal. How to get there was never clear, but with the efforts of our valuable partner, REVIVE Consulting in Africa, and the power of our micronutrient technology, that objective is quickly becoming a reality

UNICEF’s Open Defaecation Free (ODF) program is aimed at improving access to adequate sanitation in third world countries, which has been linked to diseases, particularly affecting children.  SciCorp’s powerful micronutrient technology is proving to be a valuable solution to naturally reducing the waste in latrines while eliminating the odours and the disease carrying pests.

Bongard Cheese

Dairy Effective

Results Exceeded Expectations

18 acres and 53 million gallons of discharge aerated lagoons were in a severe ‘upset’ condition causing terrible odor issues and sludge accumulation problems.

Daryl Larson, Plant Director for Bongards Cheese, reached out to SciCorp for help. With the right concentration of BIOLOGIC™ SR2 and the proper procedures the odors were completely eliminated and the sludge rapidly decreased.

  • Government odor audit detected no odor
  • Disolved oxygen levels rose to between 3-4 ppm
  • Able to shut of 100 Hp of 774 Hp aeration capacity
  • Sludge levels reduced – eliminated all dredging
  • ph levels have normalized to a ph of 7
Kansas Waste Water

Sludge Odors and Landfills

Sludge Odors and Landfills

With truckloads of sludge containing high Hydrogen Sulfide levels it was becoming impossible to find landfills that could accept their waste, but a fortunate introduction to SciCorp International turned things around for KAW Point Wastewater Treatment in Kansas City, Kansas.

Not only were the odors in the plant and in the sludge eliminated, they were able to dispose of their sludge at the local landfill. On top of that the sludge was reduced significantly, leading to substantial cost savings in many areas. Read more to see how.


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