Dallas Odor Control

Dallas Odor Control

Odor control and sludge management are issues that face municipalities worldwide.  As cities grow, sewage systems and wastewater services become over utilized and are challenged to keep up to the demand.  Dallas odor control and sludge management needs help and SciCorp International Inc. is there to help.


Scicorp International Inc has been solving odor control and sludge management issues for over thirty years.  Dallas odor control has always been a challenge for the municipality, food producers, manufacturing plants and others, and finding a solution that is powerful and inexpensive, as well as good for the planet proved to be a challenge….until BIOLOGIC® SR2.

The city of Dallas, Texas is the largest economic center within a cluster of 12 counties in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington metropolitan area.  The city of Dallas has an estimated population of 1.2 million and growing.  As such, the strain on the Dallas Water Services is daunting and Dallas odor control and sludge management is facing severe challenges.


SciCorp International Inc is committed to ensuring that the use of their products becomes a value add for Dallas odor control and sludge reduction.


Benefit to Dallas

The organic micronutrients that are carefully mixed helps to aid in the City’s overall odor control and water management practices, when businesses in Dallas use BIOLOGIC® SR2, the resulting water put back into the system provides valuable boosters to accelerate the natural reduction of sludge and continues to promote Dallas odor control and sludge reduction.

Environmental Impact

The ingredients and processes used to create BIOLOGIC® SR2 are completely natural and ecopositive.  SciCorp International Inc. prides itself on ensuring the company continues to deliver solutions that solve serious issues while making a positive impact on the world we all live in.

Sustainability is at the very core of SciCorp International and the company is dedicated to helping companies and municipalities be positive contributors to our planet.